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Street Number Street Name
Property Type Present Status
County Location City
 All Counties
 All Locations
 124th Addition
 1st Addition
 2nd Westview Addition
 46th Addition
 Abby Place
 Adams County
 Adams Hill Farm
 Admiral Glen
 Allen County
 Allen Valley
 Alte Deutsche Stadt
 Amber Ridge
 Andrew Manor
 Anthony Terrace
 Apple Downs
 April Sound
 Arbor Chase
 Arbor Ridge
 Arbor Springs
 Arden Place
 Arlington Park
 Arrowhead Addition
 Arrowhead II
 Arteseian Acres
 Ashton Woods
 Atkinson Fairview
 Auburn Hills
 Auburn Meadows
 Audubon Woods
 Autumn Grove
 Autumn Hills
 Autumn Ridge
 Autumn View
 Avalon Bluffs
 Baileys Addition
 Bar Barry Heights
 Barberry Lake Estates
 Barclay Gardens
 Barrington Estates
 Barrington Place
 Bartholomew County
 Barton Woods
 Batchelor Heights
 Bear Creek Estates
 Beaver Creek
 Bedford Heights
 Beechwood Heights
 Beechwood Manors
 Bell Brook / Bellbrook
 Bella Ridge
 Belle Terre
 Belleville 3rd
 Belt RY
 Benjamin Crossing
 Bent Pine Estates
 Bentley Court
 Benton County
 Benton Estates
 Bentwood Springs
 Berner Grove 3rd
 Bethel Estates
 Big Tree
 Binford Woods
 Bittersweet Woods
 Bittner Woods
 Black Oak
 Blackford County
 Blackford Lake Estates
 Bloomington Cohousing
 Blue Ridge
 Blue Ridge / Blueridge
 Blue Ridge Estates
 Bluebird Springs
 Bon Air
 Boone County
 Boulevard Place
 Branches Subdivision
 Breeden Estates
 Brennick Estates
 Brent Wood / Brentwood
 Briar Wood Estates / Briarwood E
 Briar Wood Estates / Briarwood Estates
 Briarwood Estates
 Briarwood Estates Phase 2
 Brickyard Condos
 Bridlewood Estates
 Brighton Point
 Brighton Point Gables
 Brighton Point Spring Hill
 Brighton Point Villa Glen
 Brighton Point Villas
 Brighton Point, Spring Hill
 Brighton Point, The Estates
 Brighton Point, The Gables
 Brighton Point, The Villas
 Brighton Point, Villa Glen
 Brighton Pointe Spring Hill
 Bristol Manor
 Brittany Chase
 Brook Knoll
 Brooklyn Heights
 Brookshire Crossing
 Brookside Estates
 Brookside Park
 Brookstone Estates
 Brown County
 Bryan Park
 Bryn Mawr
 Buckingham Estates
 Buente Place
 Burkwood Hills
 Burnett Heights
 Burnett Highland
 Butler Meadows
 Calhoun Place
 Cambridge Springs
 Canada Park
 Canada Park Condos
 Canada Park, Canada Park
 Canada Park, Claybridge
 Canada Park, Creeks Edge
 Canada Park, Oaklawn
 Canada Park, Southern Oak
 Canada Park, Stone Creek
 Canada Park, Woodfield
 Canyon Estates
 Cardinal Glen
 Carmichaels Addition
 Carpenters Addition
 Carrington Estates
 Carrington Woods
 Carroll County
 Cass County
 Castle Creek Estates
 Cataract Lake Estates
 Cavewood Estates
 Cedar Chase
 Cedar Crest / Cedarcrest
 Cedar Hill
 Cedar Ridge Estates
 Cedar Springs
 Cedar View / Cedarview
 Cedric Hall
 Centennial Park
 Central Park
 Chandler Estates
 Chapel Creek Condos
 Charlestowne Manor
 Cherry Hill
 Chesler Gardens
 Chestnut Ridge
 Churchill Springs
 City & Suburban
 City Subdivision
 Clark's Addition
 Clay County
 Clear Creek Estates
 Clifty Hills
 Clinton County
 Clover Lawn
 Clover Trails
 Cobble Creek
 College Park
 Colonial Hills
 Columbia Shores
 Commons at Curry
 Concord Villas
 Copper Hill
 Copperwood Estates
 Cory Lane Estates
 Country Club
 Country Club Hills
 Country Club Manor
 Country Club Park
 Country Estates
 Country View Estates / Countryview Estates
 Country Village
 Coventry Glen
 Covington Shores
 Crawford County
 Crescent Park
 Cricket Hills
 Crofton Place
 Crows Nest
 Crystal Court
 Danny Smith
 Daviess County
 Dearborn County
 Decatur County
 Deer Creek Hill
 Deer Field
 Deer Field / Deerfield
 Deer Lake
 Deer Park Estates
 Deer Ridge
 Deer Run
 Deer Run Estates
 Deer Trail
 Dekalb County
 Delaware County
 Derby Pines
 Dixon Place
 Dogwood Estates
 Dorchester Village
 Dubois County
 Eagle Point
 Eagle View / Eagleview
 Eagleview II
 East Brook / Eastbrook
 East Elkhart
 East View
 East View / Eastview
 East View Terrace / Eastview Ter
 East Wingfield
 East Wood
 East Wood / Eastwood
 Eastern Heights
 Eastland Gardens
 Eastside Addition
 Eckerles West Heights
 Edge Wood / Edgewood
 Edge Wood Hill(s) / Edgewood Hil
 Edge Wood Hill(s) / Edgewood Hill(s)
 Edge Wood Manor / Edgewood Manor
 Edgewood Hills Addition
 Edgewood Manor
 Edison Park
 Elkhart County
 Ellis Ridge
 Elliston Creek
 Elm Heights
 Elwood Heights
 Emerald Trace
 Enchanted Hills
 Estates at Eagle Pointe
 Ethans Glen
 Eton Mews
 Evansville Industrial
 Evergreen Village
 Fair View / Fairview
 Fairway Knolls
 Fairwood Terrace
 Fall Creek
 Fall Creek Estates
 Fallen Timbers
 Far View Hills
 Farmers Field
 Fayette County
 Fieldstone Stonecrest
 Fieldstone Summerfield
 Fifth Addition to Pretty Lake Es
 Fink Meadows
 Fitz Terrace
 Fleetwood Estates
 Flg & Imp Co
 Foggy Morning Glen
 Forest Chase
 Forest Glen
 Forest Park
 Forest Park Estates
 Forest Park Farms
 Forest Park Heights
 Forest Ridge
 Forest View
 Fountain County
 Four Lakes
 Four Oaks
 Fox Acres
 Fox Addition
 Fox Chase
 Fox Chase / Foxchase
 Fox Hill
 Fox Ridge
 Foxcliff Estates North
 Foxcliff Estates South
 Foxwood Estates
 Franklin County
 Freedom Woods
 Freeman Fields
 Fritz Terrace
 Garden Acres
 Garden Park
 Gentry East
 Gentry Estates
 Gentry Honours
 Gentry Quarters
 Gentry South
 Georgetown Village
 Glen Meadows
 Glen View / Glenview
 Glen View Estates / Glenview Est
 Glen View Estates / Glenview Estates
 Glenview Estates
 Glenwood Park
 Golden Estates
 Golden Pond
 Gordon Terrace
 Gramercy Park
 Gran Haven
 Grand Pointe at Copper Creek
 Grand View
 Grand View / Grandview
 Grandview Lake
 Grant County
 Grant Woods Subdivision
 Granville Park
 Grays Estates
 Green Acres
 Green Briar / Greenbriar
 Green Cedar Hills
 Green Gables
 Green Hill Estates
 Green Hill(s) / Greenhill(s)
 Green Hills
 Green Lawn / Green Lawn
 Green Manor
 Green Meadow(s)
 Green Meadows
 Green Tree / Greentree
 Greenbriar Hills
 Greenbriar Knolls
 Greenbriar Meadows
 Greenbriar Park
 Greenbrier Knolls
 Greenbrier Meadows
 Greene County
 Greentree Estates
 Grey Eagle - East Gate
 Hadley Arms
 Hamilton County
 Hancock County
 Happy Hollow
 Harbor Hill
 Harbour Pointe
 Harding Place
 Harrison County
 Harrison Highlands
 Hartwood Village
 Harvard Green
 Hawthorn Park
 Hearthstone Village
 Heartland Crossing
 Heather Ridge
 Heatherwood Place
 Heidelbach & Elsas
 Hel Mar Acres
 Hel-Mar Acres
 Hendricks County
 Henry County
 Heritage Farms
 Heritage Hills
 Heritage Hills Subdivision
 Heritage Lake
 Heritage Meadows
 Heritage Woods
 Hickory Heights
 Hickory Hill
 Hickory Hill(s)
 Hickory Lane
 Hidden Acres
 Hidden Forest
 Hidden Heights
 Hidden Lake Reserve
 Hidden Meadow
 Hidden Valley
 Hidden Valley Estates
 High Grove
 High Point / Highpoint
 Highland Homes
 Highland Park
 Highland Park Estates
 Highland Springs
 Highland Village
 Hill Top / Hilltop
 Hills & Dales
 Hirth Estates
 Holland Fields
 Homestead Addition
 Hood & Britton
 Hoosier Acres
 Hoosier Aloha
 Hoosier Court
 Horseshoe Retreat
 Howard County
 Hudson Lake Beach
 Hummingbird Hills
 Hunters Crest
 Hunters Glen
 Huntington County
 Huntington Farms
 Huntington Park
 Huston Place
 Hutchinson Estates
 Hyatts Western
 Hyde Park
 Hyde Park Remy
 Hyde Park Rosewood
 Hyde Park Silver Creek
 Hyde Park Trotters Run
 Hyde Park Village
 Hyde Park, Hyde Park
 Hyde Park, Rosewood
 Hyde Park, Saint Remy
 Hyde Park, Silver Creek
 Hyde Park, Trotters Run
 Indian Echo Hills
 Indian Heights
 Indian Hills
 Indian Hills Ext
 Indian Valley
 Indian Village
 Industrial Park
 Inverness Crest
 Inverness Farm
 Inverness Woods
 Iron Gate / Irongate
 Irongate Farm
 Jackson County
 Jackson Heights
 Jackson Mill
 James F Hochgesang
 Jasper County
 Java Heights
 Jay County
 Jefferson County
 Jefferson Heights
 Jennings County
 Jerden Meadows
 Johnson County
 Kahre Lake
 Karington Kove
 Karst Farm
 Keens Acres
 Kelli Heights
 Kempton Heights
 Kendallville West Park
 Kenosha Hills
 Kenray Lake
 Kensington Addition
 Kensington Gardens
 Kensington Park
 Kensington Park II
 Kensington Park, Brookstone
 Kerr Creek Preserve
 Ketcham Ridge
 Keystone Landing
 Kindy Farm
 Kingston Estates
 Knightstown Lake
 Knotting Hill
 Knotting Hill Addition
 Knox County
 Kosciusko County
 Krise Farm Estates
 Krou & Whitmore
 La Porte County
 LaGrange County
 Lake Blackthorn Villas
 Lake Helmerich
 Lake Hollybrook
 Lake Lemon
 Lake Monroe
 Lake Wood Addition
 Lakewood Hills
 Lanam Ridgeview Estates
 Lancaster Park
 Lands End
 Laurel Creek
 Laurel Meadows
 Lawrence County
 Leatherwood East
 Legacy Meadows
 Leininger Acres
 Leonard Springs
 Lesh Park
 Lexington Farms
 Lexington Manor
 Liberty Valley
 Lily May Estates
 Lincoln Heights
 Lincoln Park
 Lincoln Place
 Lindberg Village
 Litten Estates
 Lockerbie Court
 Locust Hill(s)
 Locust Lake
 Lynwood Estates
 Lynwood Hills
 Madison County
 Madison Park
 Majestic Ridge
 Manor Woods
 Maple Crest
 Maple Grove Baby Farms
 Maple Heights
 Maple Run Estates
 Maple Wood Estates
 Maple Wood(s) / Maplewood(s)
 Maple Woods
 Maplewood Heights
 Mar Bo
 Margybeth Terrace
 Marineland Gardens
 Marion County
 Marlin Hills
 Marshall Heights
 Martin County
 Masons Village
 Matlock Heights
 Maxwell Manors
 McCormick Acres
 McCormick Addition
 McDoel Gardens
 McElhinney Addition
 McHaffey Woods
 Meadow Brook
 Meadow Brook / Meadowbrook
 Meadow Estates
 Meadow Park
 Meadow Wood(s) / Meadowood(s)
 Meadow Woods
 Meadowgate Estates
 Miami County
 Miami Trails
 Millers River Manor
 Monroe County
 Montauk Point
 Montgomery County
 Moore's Addition
 Morel Woods
 Morgan County
 Morning Side / Morningside
 Moss Creek
 Moss Wood Estates
 Mount Auburn
 Mulberry Place
 Mundle Estates
 Nature's Haven
 Natures Haven
 Near West Side
 Newton County
 Noble County
 Noel Meadows
 North Harbour
 North Oaks
 North Ridge / Northridge
 North Wood(s) Estates / Northwoo
 North Wood(s) Estates / Northwood(s) Estates
 Northeast Bloomington City
 Northeast Monroe County
 Northhampton Condos
 Northridge Estates
 Northwest Bloomington City
 Northwest Monroe County
 Northwestern Gardens
 Northwood Estates
 Northwood Village
 Oak Haven
 Oak Manor
 Oak Park
 Oak Ridge
 Oak Ridge / Oakridge
 Oak Ridge Estates
 Oak Ridge Estates / Oakridge Est
 Oak Ridge Estates / Oakridge Estates
 Oakland Park
 Oaklawn Park
 Oaks Addition
 Oolitic Manor
 Orange County
 Orchard Estates
 Orchard Heights
 Orchard Hill
 Orchard Hill Addition
 Orchard Hill(s)
 Orchard Ridge
 Other County
 Owen County
 Paddington Park
 Paddinton Park
 Park Hill
 Park Hill Estates
 Park Ridge
 Park Ridge / Parkridge
 Park Ridge East
 Park State East
 Park View / Parkview
 Park View Hills
 Park View Hills / Parkview Hills
 Park Wood / Parkwood
 Parke County
 Parkview Estates
 Pathways Retreats
 Patoka Meadows
 Patton Heights
 Paxson Park
 Pedigo Bay
 Peppergrass-Meadow Ridge
 Perry County
 Perry Woods
 Pike County
 Pine Lake Estates
 Pine Ridge
 Pine Wood / Pinewood
 Pinewood Subdivision
 Plateau Place
 Plaza Homes
 Plaza Park
 Plaza Terrace
 Pleasant Run
 Pleasant View
 Pleasant View / Pleasantview
 Pointe Bay Pointe
 Pointe Bay View
 Pointe Eagle Bay
 Pointe Eagle Bay II
 Pointe Eagle Cove
 Pointe Eastbay
 Pointe Fairway Knoll
 Pointe Front Nine
 Pointe Green Ridge
 Pointe Harbour Pointe
 Pointe La Salles Woods
 Pointe Pointe Cove
 Pointe Retreat Suites
 Pointe Retreats
 Pointe Waters Edge
 Pointe Waters Edge Courtyard
 Pointe Waters Edge II
 Pointe Woodridge
 Pointe-Bay Pointe
 Pointe-Bay View
 Pointe-Eagle Bay
 Pointe-Eagle Bay II
 Pointe-Eagle Cove
 Pointe-Fairway Knoll
 Pointe-Front Nine
 Pointe-Green Ridge
 Pointe-Harbour Pointe
 Pointe-La Salles Woods
 Pointe-Pointe Cove
 Pointe-Retreat Suites
 Pointe-Waters Edge
 Pointe-Waters Edge II
 Poplar Hill(s)
 Poplar Hills
 Porto Bello
 Posey County
 Prairie Farms
 Prairie Green
 Promience Pointe
 Prominence Fields
 Prominence Place
 Prominence Pointe
 Prospect Hill
 Prospect Hill Near West Side
 Pulaski County
 Putnam County
 Quail Ridge
 Quarry Estates
 Rachels Glen
 Racquet Club Estates
 Randolph County
 Red Hill
 Red Hill Addition
 Red Oak Estates
 Redbud Heights
 Regents Park
 Renwick Cameron Row
 Renwick Springhouse
 Renwick, Cameron Row
 Renwick-Gentry Crest
 Renwik, Cameron Row
 Reveres Run
 Richland Manor
 Ridge Springs
 Riley Run
 River Bend
 River Bend / Riverbend
 River Hills
 River Park
 River View Estates / Riverview E
 Rivers Edge
 Riverside Heights
 Riverside Park
 Roberts Ridge
 Robin Hood Estates
 Robins Glenn
 Robinson Industrial Complex
 Robs Ridge
 Rockport Hills
 Rolling Acres
 Rolling Glen
 Rolling Green
 Rolling Hills
 Rolling Meadows
 Rolling Meadows Subdivision
 Rolling Ridge
 Rolling Way
 Romney Run
 Ruby Creek
 Rupels 5th Additon
 Rural Estates
 Rush County
 Rush Ridge
 Saddle Brook / Saddlebrook
 Saddle Creek Estates
 Salamonie Glen
 Salt Creek
 Sandpiper Lakes
 Sandy Ridge Estates
 Sawmill Ridge
 Schoolview Heights
 Scott County
 Seasons Four
 Seymour Sullivan Farms
 Shadow Creek
 Shady Acres
 Shady Grove
 Shady Lane Acres
 Shady Meadows
 Shamrock Hideaway
 Sharon Hills
 Shawnee Bluff
 Shawnee Bluffs Estates
 Shawnee Ridge
 Shelburne Estates
 Shelburne Forest
 Shelburne Woods
 Shelby County
 Sherbrook Park
 Sherbrook Place
 Sherwood Estates
 Sherwood Forest
 Sherwood Green
 Sherwood Hills
 Sherwood Hills-Winslow
 Sherwood Oaks
 Sherwood Oaks II
 Sherwood Oaks Subdivision
 Shiloh Estates
 Shire Glen
 Shores of Rock Creek
 Sierra Hills
 Skinner Lake
 Slip Away Bay
 Smith Addition
 Smiths Southside Acres
 Somerset Addition
 Somerset Place
 South Dunn
 South Edgewood
 South Grove Woods
 South Hampton / Southampton
 South Haven / Southaven
 South Park
 Southeast Bloomington City
 Southeast Monroe County
 Southern Heights
 Southern Meadows
 Southern Pines
 Southwest Bloomington City
 Southwest Monroe County
 Spencer County
 Spencer Heights
 Spice Valley Estates
 Spring Hill at Brighton Pointe
 Spring Valley
 Springfield Glen
 St James Wood
 St Joseph Terrace
 St. Joseph County
 Stands Ashwood
 Stands Cedar Wood
 Stands Copper Tree
 Stands Hawthorn Point
 Stands Linden Hill
 Stands Rolling Oak
 Stands-Cedar Wood
 Stands-Copper Tree
 Stands-Hawthorn Point
 Stands-Linden Hill
 Stands-Rolling Oak
 Stansbury Addition
 Star Dust Hills
 Starke County
 Steeple Chase
 Steeple Chase / Steeplechase
 Steeple Pointe
 Stella Ridge
 Stephens Creek
 Sterling Woods
 Steuben County
 Stier Park
 Stone Crest
 Stone Crest / Stonecrest
 Stone Crest, Crystal Court
 Stone Crest, Laural Lake
 Stone Crest, Spyglass Hill
 Stone Gate
 Stone Gate / Stonegate
 Stone Hedge / Stonehedge
 Stone Lake
 Stone Ridge
 Stone Ridge Saddlebrook
 Stone Ridge-Saddlebrook
 Stone View / Stoneview
 Stonelake Park
 Stones Crossing
 Stoney Brook
 Sugar Acres
 Sugar Hill
 Sullivan County
 Summit Place
 Summit Ridge
 Summit Ridge / Summitridge
 Summit Woods
 Sunflower Gardens
 Sunny Slope
 Sunny Slope / Sunnyslope
 Sunridge Acres
 Sunrise Estates
 Sunrise Park
 Sunset Hill
 Sunset Knoll
 Sutters Cove
 Sutton Place
 Sweetwater Farms
 Sycamore Hill(s)
 Sycamore Knolls
 Sycamore Lakes
 Sycamore Village
 Tail Water
 Tail Water Run
 Tamarron Barrington
 Tamarron Heights
 Tamarron Village
 Tamarron Vista
 Taylor Run
 Terra Cove Estates
 Terrace Meadows
 The Bluffs
 The Bluffs at Blue Heron Lake
 The Colony
 The Foundry
 The Highlands
 The Islands
 The Lakes
 The Lofts
 The Manor
 The Oaks
 The Outback
 The Over Look / The Overlook
 The Overlook
 The Pines
 The Reserve at Raineybrook
 The Shores
 The Summit
 The Vineyard
 The Willows
 The Woodlands
 The Woods
 The Woods of the Meadowlands
 Theo Reyling
 Thompson Park
 Thorn Ridge / Thornridge
 Thornridge Subdivision
 Timber Ridge
 Timber Trace
 Timber Valley
 Timber View Estates
 Timberland Trace
 Tippe Heights
 Tippecanoe County
 Tipton County
 Tower Heights
 Tower Road
 Treece Meadows
 Tullymore Run
 Twin Lakes
 Twin Lakes Estates
 Twin Oaks
 Twyckenham Estates
 Twyckenham Hills
 Union Valley Farms
 University Farm
 University Heights
 Upper Flanders
 Van Buren
 Van Buren Park
 Van Buren Place
 Vanderburgh County
 Varsity Villas
 Vermillion County
 Verona Park
 Victoria Park
 Victory Villa
 Vigo County
 Villas on the Fairways
 Vinegar Hill
 Vinton Highlands
 Vinton Woods
 Wabash River Estates
 Wabash Shores
 Wagner Park
 Wake Robin
 Walnut Acres
 Walnut Creek
 Walnut Manor
 Walnut Springs
 Warren County
 Warrick County
 Washington County
 Waters Edge
 Wayne County
 Wayneshire Estates
 Wells County
 Wellston Estates
 Wellston Estates South
 West Acres
 West Haven
 West Pointe Estates
 West Wood / Westwood
 Westbrook Downs
 Western Hills
 Westhaven Estates
 Whispering Pines
 Whitcomb & Keller
 White County
 White Oak
 White Oak(s)
 White Ridge / Whiteridge
 Whites Pointe
 Whitley County
 Willemette Village
 Willow Creek
 Wilmington Court
 Windcrest / Wind Crest
 Windemere East
 Windemere Woods
 Windermere East
 Windermere Estates
 Windfree Estates
 Winding Brook
 Winding Creek
 Winding Ridge
 Winding Waters Hills
 Windsor Pointe
 Windsor Private
 Windwood Park
 Winslow Crossing
 Winslow Farm Bayberry
 Winslow Farm Bent Tree
 Winslow Farm Laurelwood
 Winslow Farm Moss Creek
 Winslow Farm New Bent Tree
 Winslow Farm Olde Mill
 Winslow Farm Sweet Briar
 Winslow Farm-Bayberry
 Winslow Farm-Bent Tree
 Winslow Farm-Laurelwood
 Winslow Farm-Moss Creek
 Winslow Farm-New Bent Tree
 Winslow Farm-Olde Mill
 Winslow Farm-Sweet Briar
 Winslow Plaza
 Winslow Ridge
 Winter Park
 Wood Gate / Woodgate
 Wood Haven / Woodhaven
 Wood Haven Estates / Woodhaven E
 Wood Haven Estates / Woodhaven Estates
 Wood Lawn / Woodlawn
 Woodcliff Estates
 Woodhaven Estates
 Woodland Hills
 Woodland Lake
 Woodland Park
 Woods Edge
 Woods Edge / Woodsedge
 Woods of the Meadowlands
 Woodstock Place
 Woodview Hills
 Woodwind Commons
 Woolery Mill
 Woolery Woods
 Yorkshire Estates
Price Range  
Year Built  
Minimum Square Feet Finished  
 All Styles
Elementary School  
 All Elementary Schools
 AB Chandler Elementary School
 Abraham Lincoln
 Adams Central
 Adelaide De Vaney
 Amy Beverland
 Anna Brochhausen #88
 Arlington Heights
 Arlington Woods
 Barr Reeve
 Barton Twp
 Batesville Intermediate
 Battle Ground
 Beech Grove City Schools
 Benjamin Franklin
 Blackford Intermediate
 Blair Pointe
 Blanche E Fuqua
 Blue Ridge / Green Meadows
 Blue Ridge Primary
 Blue River Valley
 Bluffton Harrison
 Bon Air
 Bradie M Shrum
 Brook Park
 Brooks School
 Brookside #54
 Brownsburg Community
 Bunker Hill
 Burnett Creek
 Carlin Park
 Cedar Canyon
 Cedar Hall
 Center for Inquiry #2
 Center Grove
 Chapel Glen
 Charles L Smith
 Charles W Fairbanks
 Christian Park
 Clark Pleasant Intermediate
 Clarks Creek
 Clay City
 Clear Creek
 Clifty Creek
 Clinton Central
 Clinton Prairie
 Clinton Young
 College Park
 Columbia / Riddle
 Concord East Side
 Concord South Side
 Concord West Side
 Country Meadow
 Crawford County
 Crooked Creek
 Cynthia Heights
 Daniel Webster
 Daniel Wertz
 Darden Primary Center
 David Turnham Edl Ctr
 Davis Park
 Deer Meadow
 Deer Ridge
 Deer Run
 Delphi Community
 Dixie Bee
 Douglas MacArthur
 Eagle Creek
 East Crawford
 East Lawn
 East Richland Elementary School
 East Side
 East Washington
 East Washington Academy
 Eastbrook North
 Eastbrook South
 Eastern Greene
 Eastern Hancock
 Eastern Pulaski
 Eel River
 Elder W Diggs #42
 Eleanor Skillen #34
 Eliza A Blaker #55
 Elmwood/Blair Pointe
 Elsie Rogers
 Elwood Haynes
 Emery O Muncie
 Ernie Pyle #90
 Farrington Grove
 Fifth Street
 Flint Springs
 Floyds Knobs
 Forest Dale
 Forest Park
 Fountain Central
 Fox Hill
 Frances Slocum/Justice
 Franke Park
 Ft. Branch Community
 George Bibich
 George Buck #94
 George Washington
 Glen Acres
 Glenns Valley
 Glenwood Park
 Granville Wells
 Grassy Creek
 Green Meadows Intermediate
 Green Township
 Greene Township
 Greenfield Central
 Greenwood Northeast
 Guion Creek
 Hamilton Height
 Hamilton Southeastern
 Happy Hollow/Cumberland
 Harrison Hill
 Harrison Parkway
 Hartford City
 Hazel Dell
 Hebron Elementary School
 Helen Griffin
 Henry Burkhart
 Hickory Center
 Highland Park
 Hinkle Creek
 Homer Iddings
 Honey Creek
 Hoosier Prairie
 Hoosier Road
 Horace Mann
 Hornet Park
 Howard Elementary
 Indian Creek
 Indian Trail
 Indian Village
 J.E. Ober
 Jackson Elementary
 Jackson Township
 James A Garfield #31
 James Russell Lowell #51
 Jb Stephen
 Jeremiah Gray-Edison
 Joan Martin Elementary
 John H Castle
 John M Culver
 John Strange
 Jonathan Jennings
 Joyce Kilmer #69
 Kankakee Valley
 Kokomo Se
 Kouts Elementary School
 L F Smith
 Lafayette Meadow
 Lafayette Park
 Lake Hills
 Lancaster Central
 Laura Hose
 Lawrence County
 Lawrence Township
 Lebanon Central
 Lena Dunn
 Lewis Cass
 Liberty Early
 Lillian Schmitt
 Lincoln Trail
 Little Turtle
 Loogootee East
 Loogootee West
 Lost Creek
 Lydia Middleton
 Madison Grant
 Maple Grove
 Margaret R Brown
 Martha J Ridpath
 Mary Beck
 Mary Bryan
 Mary Castle
 Mary Feeser
 Mary Raber
 Mayflower Mill
 Mccormicks Creek
 Meadowbrook (Closed)
 Meredith Nicholson
 Meridian Street
 Metro North/Sharp Creek
 Middlebury Heritage
 Mill Creek East
 Mill Creek West
 Mollie B. Hoover
 Monroe Central
 Morgan County
 Mount Healthy
 Mount Vernon
 Mt Carmel
 Mt Comfort
 Neil Armstrong
 New Augusta South Campus
 New Britton
 New Haven
 New Market
 New Palestine
 Newby Memorial
 Noble Crossing
 North Daviess
 North Decatur
 North Grove
 North Harrison
 North Judson - San Pierre
 North Knox
 North Madison
 North Miami
 North Side
 North Vermillion
 North Vernon
 North Wayne
 North Webster
 North White
 North White Primary
 Northeast Dubois
 Northeast East
 Northeast North
 Northern Heights
 Northside K-2
 Oak Trace
 Oak View
 Oakland City
 Oakland Elementary
 OJ Neighbors
 Olive Twp
 Orange County
 Orchard Park
 Oregon-Davis Elementary
 Owen County
 Owen Valley
 Ox Bow
 Perry Central
 Perry Hill
 Perry Township
 Perry Worth
 Petit Park
 Pike Township
 Pine Ridge
 Pine Tree
 Pine Village
 Pipe Creek/Maconaquah
 Pleasant Crossing
 Pleasant Grove
 Pleasant Hill
 Pleasant Lake
 Pleasant Run
 Pleasant View (K-2) Yorktown (3-
 Pleasant View (K-2) Yorktown (3-5)
 Porter Lakes Elementary
 Poston Road
 Prairie Crossing
 Prairie Heights
 Ralph Waldo Emerson #58
 Raymond F Brandes #65
 Richland County
 Ridpath Primary School
 Rio Grande
 River Birch
 Robert Lee Frost #106
 Rosa Parks-Edison
 Rousseau McClellan #91
 Rushville East
 Ryan Park
 Rykers' Ridge
 Salem Community
 Sand Creek
 Sawmill Woods
 Shamrock Springs
 Shoals Community
 Skiles Test
 Snacks Crossing
 South Central
 South Crawford
 South Creek
 South Decatur
 South Grove
 South Knox
 South Newton
 South Putnam
 South Side
 South Terrace
 South Wayne
 South Whitley
 Southeast Fountain
 Southern Wells
 Southside K-3 Northside 4-6
 Spring Mill
 Springs Valley
 St. Joseph
 Stephen Foster
 Stony Creek
 Stout Field
 Sugar Creek
 Sugar Grove
 Super School #19
 Switzerland Co
 Temple Christian
 Tenth Street
 Terre Town
 Theodore Potter #74
 Thomas Miller
 Thompson Crossing
 Three Creeks
 Tri Central
 Triton Central
 Turkey Run
 Twin Branch
 Tzouanakis Intermediate
 Union Center Elementary
 V O Isom Central
 Valley Mills
 Van Buren
 Van Buren/Brown
 Van Duyn
 Vermillion County Schools
 W D Richards
 Walt Disney
 Warren Central
 Warren Primary Center
 Warren Township
 Washington Center
 Washington Community Schools
 Washington Irving #14
 Wayne Township
 Wea Ridge
 West Central
 West Clay
 West Crawford
 West Goshen
 West Grove
 West Newton
 West Noble
 West Terrace
 West Vigo
 West Washington
 Western Primary
 Western Wayne
 Wheatfield Elementary
 Whispering Meadows
 White Lick
 White Oak
 White River
 Wilbur Wright
 William F Loper
 William McKinley #39
 William Tell
 Winchester Village
 Winding Ridge
 Wolcott Mills
 Wolcottville Mills
 Wolf Lake
 Wood Memorial
 Wood View
 Zionsville Community
Middle School  
 All Middle Schools
 Adams Central
 Alexandria Monroe
 Anderson South
 Arlington Community Schools
 Avon East
 Avon North
 Avon South
 Avon West
 Barr Reeve
 Battle Ground
 Bedford/North Lawrence
 Beech Grove Citys
 Bell Academy/John R Wooden
 Ben Davis
 Benjamin Franklin Middle
 Benjamin Rush
 Benton Central
 Bloomington South
 Blue River
 Bluffton Harrison
 Bon Air
 Boone Grove Middle
 Brown County
 Brownsburg East
 Brownsburg West
 Brownstown Central
 Castle North
 Castle South
 Cedar Crest
 Cedar Hall
 Center for Inquiry
 Center Grove
 Center Grove Nor
 Central Noble
 Chapel Hill
 Chauncey Rose
 Clark Pleasant
 Clay City
 Clay County
 Clifford Pierce
 Clinton Central
 Clinton Prairie
 Colonel John Wheeler
 Columbus Central
 Crawford County
 Custer Baker
 Davies County
 Decatur Middle
 Delphi Community
 Dennis David Worth
 Doe Creek
 East Jay County
 East Middle
 East Noble
 East Richland Middle School
 East Side
 East Tippecanoe
 East Washington
 Eastern Greene
 Eastern Hancock
 Eastern Junior/Senior High
 Edinburgh Comm
 Emma Donnan
 Fall Creek
 Fall Creek Valley
 Forest Park
 Fountain Central
 Francis W Parker #56
 Franklin Township
 Franklin Township East
 Franklin Township West
 Ft. Branch Community
 Garrett Middle
 George Washington Carver #87
 George Washington Community
 Greater Jasper Cons Schools
 Greene County
 Greene Townships
 Greenfield Central
 Guion Creek
 Hamilton Heights
 Hamilton Southeastern
 Hanover Central
 Hartford City
 Heritage Hills
 Highland Hills
 Highland Junior High
 HL Harshman
 Honey Creek
 Indian Creek
 Indian Springs
 Jackson County
 Jackson Creek
 James A Garfield #31
 James Whitcomb Riley #43
 Jennings County
 John Marshall Community
 John Young
 Johnson County
 Joseph F. Tuttle
 Julia E Test
 Kankakee Valley
 Kokomo Se
 Kouts Middle School
 Lawrence County
 Lawrence Township
 Lewis Cass
 Longfellow Magnet
 Loogootee East
 Lowell Middle School
 Madison Consolidated
 Madison Grant
 Maple Creek
 Maple Crest
 Martin Krueger
 Martinsville East
 Martinsville West
 Memorial Park
 Mill Creek
 Monroe Central
 Morgan County
 Mount Carmel
 Mount Vernon
 New Augusta North Campus
 New Castle
 New Harmony
 New Haven
 New Prairie
 Noblesville East
 Noblesville West
 North Clay
 North Daviess
 North Decatur
 North Harrison
 North Judson Junior High
 North Knox
 North Knox East
 North Miami
 North Newton
 North Posey
 North Putman
 North Ridge
 North Side
 North Spencer
 North Vermillion
 North White
 Northeast Dubois
 Northwestern Middle School
 Oak Hill
 Oregon-Davis Junior-Senior High
 Otter Creek
 Owen County
 Owen Valley
 Parke Heritage
 Parkview Jr. High School
 Paul Hadley
 Perry Central
 Perry Heights
 Perry Meridian
 Perry Townships
 Pierre Moran
 Pike Central
 Pike Township
 Plaza Park
 Prairie Heights
 Prince Chapman
 R J Basket
 Raymond Park
 Richland County
 Riverton Park
 Rousseau McClellan #91
 Sarah Scott
 Seeger Memorial
 Shoals Community
 South Central
 South Dearborn
 South Decatur
 South Grove
 South Knox
 South Newton
 South Putnam
 South Spencer
 South Terre Haute
 Southern Wells
 Springs Valley
 Stephen Foster #67
 Super School #19
 Switz City
 Switzerland County
 Taylor Middle School
 Tecumseh Middle School
 Tell City
 Tippe Valley
 Triton Central
 Turkey Run
 Union City
 Union Township Middle
 Vermillion County
 Warren Township
 Washington Irving #14
 Washington Township
 Wayne Township
 Wea Ridge
 West Boon
 West Central
 West Jay County
 West Lafayette
 West Noble
 West Side
 West Vigo
 West Washington
 Western Boone Jr-Sr
 Western Middle School
 White River Valley
 Wood Memorial
 Woodrow Wilson
 Zionsville Community
High School  
 All High Schools
 Adams Central
 Alexandria Monroe
 Arlington Community Schools
 Arsenal Technical
 Barr Reeve
 Bedford-North Lawrence
 Beech Grove City
 Ben Davis
 Benton Central
 Bloomington North
 Bloomington South
 Blue River
 Bluffton Harrison
 Boone Grove High
 Brown County
 Brownstown Central
 Center Grove
 Central Noble
 Chesterton High
 Clay City
 Clay County
 Clinton Central